Season Four - Professor Walsh - Quotes

  • "Those of you who fall into my good graces will come to know me as Maggie. Those of you who don't, will come to know me by the name my TA's use and think I don't know about, 'The Evil bitch-monster of death"
  • "Right. I count four limbs, a head, no visible scarring, so I assume your personal issue wasn't a life-threatening accident of any kind, and I'm therefore uninterested"
  • "We use the latest in scientific technology, and state-of-the-art weaponry, and you, if I understand correctly, poke them with a sharp stick"
  • "Oh, no - oh, no! Spontaneous poetic exclamations. Lord, spare me college boys in love"
  • "Almost time to wake up, Adam, and take your first look at the world. I know you're going to make me proud"